LEARN to love yourself

I capitalized the word learn because it’s difficult to unconditionally love yourself, maybe even impossible. It is not something we are capable of doing all at once, but it is something most of us can learn to do a little bit more as time goes on. I myself, have been learning how to love myself my entire life and continue to learn to do a little more each day. When I began to get into fitness it was because I did not like what I saw in the mirror. Despite popular belief, not liking what you see in the mirror is not entirely a bad thing. This can be your brain’s way of telling you that something is wrong. Let’s face it, heart disease causes more deaths in this country than anything else and obesity is on the rise. How you feel about yourself should not be related to how you look because how you look is not who you are. How you feel about how you look however, can be an indication of how healthy you are.

Separating vanity from the health aspect of fitness can be difficult. How much is too much? Are six pack abs even necessary, let alone healthy. The answer is no. If it feels bad it probably isn’t good for you. Balance is essential to any fitness related goal. Although sometimes you will need to feel excessively hungry, cranky, or tired when you are losing weight during a diet, a person should never feel this way once the weight has come off. Transformations are great but be careful because sometimes the gains(or losses) can be addictive and become synonymous with how you feel about yourself. Just remember that becoming a better you is a good thing, but what is really important is progress, not perfection. Being ripped is actually not good for us but when we become healthier you do begin to see muscles appear through the skin.

Having abs is a bi-product of becoming healthy but should never be your goal from the beginning, unless you intend to be a bodybuilder or fitness model of course. Running 5 miles or doing 10 pull-ups are great goals but shedding all of your body fat, which sustains bodily functions, should never be a goal. Get in shape because it will help you fulfill other goals like climbing Machu Picchu or learning to surf, don’t get in shape just to get in shape because there is no fulfillment in that, and you will never learn to love yourself by attempting to complete an endless task. Just remember there is more to life than sitting in a dark gym trying to get killer abs just to make other people happy to look at you.


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