Believe In Yourself

So you want to make changes but don’t have the courage. You turn to these “experts” and you see pictures of nearly perfect human beings. They tell you that there is a secret formula or work out routine and you will look exactly like those people. Well guess what, there are secrets, but they involve trickery and lies. You may have read my article, Most Fitness Models Use Steroids, but if you haven’t I think you get the point. Protein powders are NOT going to help you gain 40 pounds of muscle. The truth is that nothing will, absolutely nothing that doesn’t involve hard work and a lot of patience. If you put on 40 pounds of muscle total, overall, in the entire time you lift weights, that is an incredible achievement. It might even take you 20 years if you start in your 20’s. I am not trying to undermine the fitness industry because I do sell my own products on, but I do want people to be realistic.

Getting in shape is about believing in yourself and doing the best you can during every session. I admit that sometimes I go into the gym and leave with the feeling that, “well that was for maintenance,” simply because I know I didn’t give it everything I had. In fact, giving it my all is the hardest part. The hardest part is doing reps until I fail or going that extra inch to ground while I am doing squats. Sometimes I just want to do 10 and move on. If you are doing 10 reps than you aren’t trying hard enough. Once you get 10 you need to increase the weight. Your last rep should almost always be the worst form of the set because you are struggling to get it up. Working out is not an exact science and no M.D. knows more than the average gym rat so don’t let titles like trainer or doctor get you confused. YOU and only YOU knows exactly how your physiology works.

If it feels wrong it probably is. Just remember that the “correct form” for one person is not the same as another. Don’t use this suggestion as an excuse to not do the exercise correctly. For me, if I do shoulder presses at a certain angle, I hear clicking in my shoulder joint and it feels uncomfortable. I choose not to go down all the way because it hurts. Most of the time I will do other shoulder exercises because I am afraid to hurt myself, which is a healthy fear. Don’t let your ego and other people’s opinions put you in a place where you feel pressured into doing something that hurts. You are the only person that will know if something is wrong when there are no clear signs.


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