You have googled questions to answers before and you probably get a lot of different answers to your questions. The truth about fitness is….nobody knows. Ya, I said it. I told you what nobody in the fitness world actually wants you to know. Why? because they make money telling you what to do, what to buy, and/or what to believe. A lot of conventional thinking is probably correct and some of it is almost right. We are slowly discovering more about the human body, and while we do so, we get a lot of incorrect information along the way. This site is not about giving you (scientific?) information, it’s about providing you with the experience our authors have learned through hard won experience. As a child I would hear, “if it feels wrong, it probably is”. This is a great suggestion for anyone in the fitness world. I remember when I went on my first diet, I was told not to eat carbohydrates; yet every ancestor I ever had seemed to be successful eating carbohydrates. So what gives? The truth is in balance ….and that there is no secret formula or absolute truths. Here we will post knowledge we learned the hard way, through trial and error. Most of what I learned, I learned by trying it every other way first. Fortunately for you, you don’t have to learn that way. They say, a smart person learns from their mistakes, and that a wise person learns from other people’s mistakes. Be wise, read as much as possible, get a trainer if you don’t know, and ask questions. Don’t be that guy in the gym that is too proud to admit he has no idea what he is doing. We know who you are….Keep coming back, IT WORKS!


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